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We Should Be Dead - Breathe In review

We Should Be Dead...but a spot of Christmas shopping will do no harm!

Breathe In is the latest single from Limerick band We Should Be Dead. The song is the first to be taken from their new album Dreamstate Released earlier in the year. The single is a fairly strange mix of electro meets pop. The intro is a synth keyboard riff which sounds a bit like music from an 8-bit computer game, followed by very pop inspired vocals.

I had really mixed feelings about this song. There’s nothing especially wrong with it, it’s quite catchy, but it has the feeling of a song I’ve heard hundreds of times before. There’s nothing groundbreaking or different about it, it’s very safe.

With a name like We Should Be Dead you might expect a story of a near death experience or tale of heroism led to the band’s name but there’s a much simpler reason for it. Speaking about the band’s unusual name singer Tara Nix says:

“Originally we were called You Should Be Dead but we thought it sounded misleading, like we were some big, angry, heavy metal band while our sound is more pop…We also didn’t want to offend our fans by telling them ‘You Should Be Dead’ so we changed it to ‘We’. I don’t know where the name came from. We leave it open to suggestion!”


It has been a long road for the band to get where they are now. After a few years of moving around and changing members it’s surprising they still have the energy and enthusiasm to record, but if there’s one thing they have plenty of it’s enthusiasm. In 2009 the band were based in Los Angeles, touring the state and working hard to get their name out there. Speaking about their time in The States she continued:

“Of all the places we visited, Austin was the best. We met so many people who offered for us to stay with them. We didn’t really have to pay for anything except petrol for the van.”

This was back when the band had its original four members. After some time abroad their original bassist decided to come back home to Ireland. This left the band a member short so they held open auditions. As Nix recalls: “some crazy people turn up.”

“One guy was totally mad. He’d driven all the way from Arizona, eight hours away, just to audition. He was a loose canon; we would have been afraid to go on tour with him."


“This other guy was like Pugsley from The Adams Family. He didn’t speak and brought his friend along to speak for him.”

In the end they found Max, an LA bassist who Nix says fits in well with the band because of his Irish sense of humour but he had to leave the band soon after when he fell ill with stomach problems. This meant the three remaining members left the states following a bittersweet celebration.
“We were on high because we got to play such an amazing venue as the Roxy, but we were low because we were back to a three piece”.

This time last year the band were getting ready to return to Ireland and were home just in time for Christmas Dinner. After taking a month to recover they began searching for a new bassist and an additional guitarist in February. This is how Gary Carroll and Aaron Corr came to join the band.


“We’d known Gary for years as a great musician and he told us about his friend Aaron who is an amazing guitar player but had never been in a band. After the first few sessions, we were so excited. The mix totally worked and the lads brought a new lease of life to the band. We were really buzzing”.

Breathe In is available now on iTunes.

If you want to catch the band live they have a couple of gigs coming up
- November 20th – The Forum, Waterford
- December 26th – Dolan’s Warehouse, Limerick

Jane Ward


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