So the day is nearly upon us. Tomorrow is the day that we’ve all been waiting for. The Acdamey awards will be blown away tomorrow night by this years Smedias.

YOU HAVE TO HAVE BOOKED A TICKET if you want to come so make sure you’re sorted. No one will be allowed in if they haven’t. Plan early and make sure to be there for 7 o’clock. You also need to make sure you have cash as there won’t be an atm/cashback at the venue. Enter via Stairwell 42 off the shelbourne road and the most importantly of all have the BEST CRAIC!!!!!!!

In other exciting news we’ve teamed up with N26 so you can got even more from the night. Not only will you get an opening balance of 20 euro on your card with our promo code (see end of page for code) but you’ll also get two extra FREE DRINKS on us at Krystal nightclub. Its special venue for a special night so make sure to be there.!!

Map for Aviva:



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