Editor-in-Chief, Rory McNab:

Is the Editor-in-Chief of Oxygen.ie. He is a fan of writing, football, Giant-but not normal-sized-Jenga and writing biographies of himself in the third person. He has also never been to Belgium and, as of writing, has no immediate plans for this situation to change. He is a size-9 shoe (UK).

Deputy Editor, Clodagh McMeel:









An Irish gal who loves her pizza and feminism in equal parts, Clodagh is known for documenting her cat’s life on Instagram. She is most often found on the couch or in bed, accompanied by her laptop and pizza, and can currently be found in said position in France. When she isn’t procrastinating heavily, she studies English and French in Maynooth. But that’s very rare.

Deputy Editor, Conor O’Doherty:

I’m a 21 year old final year journalism student in DCU. I published my first article as a work experience student in The Kildare Post at 16 and since then I’ve been slowly working my way towards becoming a professional journalist. I’m interested in features and longer form articles and I love sci-fi and horror films.

Sports Editor, Oisin McQuierns:










Oisin McQueirns is a final year journalism student at DCU. He is 21 years old and is the current sports editor at Oxygen.ie. Oisin is a massive fan of Leeds United and professional wrestling but as the sports editor of our site, he loves absolutely all sports equally and obviously couldn’t possibly pick a favourite one.

Deputy Editor, Tara O’Connell:









Tara O’Connell, a graduate from UCD who likes to write to amuse herself and occasionally amuses others in the process. Writer for all things entertainment, pop culture and whatever pops into her head at the time. Communicates only through sarcasm, is allergic to kiwi and is passionate about Zumba.

Senior Staff Writer, Gabija Gataveckaite:









My roots lie in Lithuania, but Dublin is now my second home where I’m studying Journalism at DCU. I write a weekly column and a fortnightly feature on all things fashion and beauty- catch my ramblings in the Style section.

Staff Writer, Ava Hollingsworth:

Just a typical narcissist that’s gets her kicks from inflicting her thoughts on the world. English student, novice magician and all around disappointment to my wonderful parents.

Contributing Writer, Aileen O’Leary:

Hi there, my name is Aileen and I’m part of the oxygen.ie team. I’m currently studying arts with journalism at NUIG. I’m interested in beauty, music, film and travel. If you want to find out more check out my pieces on the site.

Contributing Writer, Cristina Florescu:

Book worm, tea lover and massive film junkie (not necessarily in that order). I like to have opinions about the aforementioned films, books and all things artsy. Started writing for Oxygen.ie in an attempt to show that I was funny. When I’m not trying too hard to do that, you can generally find me chilling in a pub or going on a vintage clothes hunt. Check out my articles to enjoy some class humour and life changing film reviews.

Contributing Writer, Bronwyn O’Neill:

A final year journalism student trying to make it in the Big Smoke. Writing about the everyday struggles of 21st century women. Not quite Carrie Bradshaw but almost.

Contributing Writer, Gerard Ball:

Gerard Ball is a 23 year old final year DCU Journalism student who has a keen interest in sports, technology, entertainment and politics. Spends lots of his spare time writing, as that’s his true love!

Contributing Writer, Daniel Troy:

Resident movie-goer and overly obsessed wrestling fan, Dan “The Man” Troy gives his take on newly realeased films and video games. Prefering to go in depth, he assures a quality insight into his subject of the week to assure you know if it’s worth your time and money or not. His comedic writing style hopes to give you a quick laugh as well.

Contributing Writer, Zainab Boladale:







I’m a final year Journalism Student at Dublin City University. I love photography, poetry and horror movies. I also think pickles are the most underrated sandwich filling in a deli.

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