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 Linking to Joan Burton promises five nights to Metallica as an apology for comments she made about fans of the band.

Joan Burton promises five nights to Metallica as an apology for comments she made about fans of the band

Croke Park will take centre stage again...

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The Zayn Malik International Crisis

Ten times more important than the Israel-Palestine conflict or that whole Ukraine plane business...

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'Always' try to guilt people into buying Sanitary Pads

Manipulate like a girl...

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Hozier still hasn't been taken to Church

The singer said "All I wanted was for someone to take me down to my local church."

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Croke Park Residents Deemed "Less Sound" Than Marlay Park Residents

Marlay Park residents were even willing to host Kanye West, which says it all really...

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Irish Legal Logic Made Easy

"This should help you identify who is to blame in a variety of different contexts."

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Scientists extract essence of Pharrell Williams to make everything 112% better

"Some say he has music inside his DNA, like strands of treble clefs instead of double helixes. Others say that he made a deal with the dark lord: John Major, and sold his soul for the envy of the entire world..."

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Who Killed Ming Flanagan? A Dail Eireann Murder Mystery

For the next few weeks we'll be posting clues here to help solve the mystery.. If you guess right, you can win a packet of crisps! Or something.

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Social Media: Our Own Prison?

Are we simply becoming a generation that is too lazy to communicate face-to-face or is there a deeper routed issue?

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Enda Kenny releases Memo to Sabotage Sinn Féin's Popularity

"Gerry Adams has never been seen in Croke Park. It could be inferred from this that he is untrustworthy."

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The Farmityville Horror

They're gonna take over your head...

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Government in Stealing Taxpayer's Money Shocker

The Irish people were outraged to find that the government is still, in fact, stealing their money...

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Gaza Pub

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Nathan Fielder: Catching a Vandal

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Family Discussing Maths

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