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The Zayn Malik International Crisis

Ten times more important than the Israel-Palestine conflict or that whole Ukraine plane business...

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'Always' try to guilt people into buying Sanitary Pads

Manipulate like a girl...

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Hozier still hasn't been taken to Church

The singer said "All I wanted was for someone to take me down to my local church."

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Croke Park Residents Deemed "Less Sound" Than Marlay Park Residents

Marlay Park residents were even willing to host Kanye West, which says it all really...

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Irish Legal Logic Made Easy

"This should help you identify who is to blame in a variety of different contexts."

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Scientists extract essence of Pharrell Williams to make everything 112% better

"Some say he has music inside his DNA, like strands of treble clefs instead of double helixes. Others say that he made a deal with the dark lord: John Major, and sold his soul for the envy of the entire world..."

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Who Killed Ming Flanagan? A Dail Eireann Murder Mystery

For the next few weeks we'll be posting clues here to help solve the mystery.. If you guess right, you can win a packet of crisps! Or something.

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Social Media: Our Own Prison?

Are we simply becoming a generation that is too lazy to communicate face-to-face or is there a deeper routed issue?

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Enda Kenny releases Memo to Sabotage Sinn Féin's Popularity

"Gerry Adams has never been seen in Croke Park. It could be inferred from this that he is untrustworthy."

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The Farmityville Horror

They're gonna take over your head...

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Government in Stealing Taxpayer's Money Shocker

The Irish people were outraged to find that the government is still, in fact, stealing their money...

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