The Smedias are fully embracing the technological innovations of the 21st century and are implementing an online submission process. No longer will all of you have to slum it by sending all of your applications in by post or by actually dropping them into our offices at 177 Lower Rathmines Road, we now have an online application process for people submitting entries to all categories excluding Journalism*.

Every category, save those under the Journalism section and the journalism category in the Irish section can now ONLY BE ENTERED through our online application form.

A link to which can be found here.

The specific rules and instructions on entering for each of the affected categories can be found on each category page. However here’s a rough guide for how to enter each section on the new online application form:

  • Radio/ Film &TV: A box will appear prompting you to insert a link to the individual piece of work you are submitting, for Radio this would usually be a link to a particular file on Soundcloud, or for Film & TV a link to the particular video on Vimeo, Youtube etc.
  • Film Script: An upload button will appear urging you to attach your film script as a Word document, specifically in a .docx format.
  • Website/ Blog/ Vlog: A box will appear prompting you to insert the URL of the website/ blog/ vlog you are entering for consideration for the awards.
  • Photography: An upload button will appear when you select any of the three photography categories. You must upload 3 unique photographs as JPEGs for each of the photography categories. The three photos must be uploaded one at a time using the upload button. You MUST format the file name of each photograph in the following way:
    Your Name, Category, No. Of Photograph.
    Eg. Graham Hattersley, Sports, 2.

For every category you select on the form a box will appear labelled ‘Title Of Work’, this must be filled out; in the case of a Radio entry, for example, with the name of the radio show being entered, or, say for a Film Script, with the title of the film. If you don’t feel that the work you’re submitting has a ‘Title’, perhaps if you’re entering a photography category for example, simply type ‘NONE’ into the box.

A student may not enter the same category more than once. An individual may enter up to 8 separate categories on the application form. If you’re planning on entering more than 8, firstly congratulations you are a prolific producer of student media, secondly you will need to fill out a second online application form with the entries you weren’t able to fir on the first.

Payment: When you fill out the application form you will be presented with a drop-down menu asking you to choose to pay with either PayPal or by Cash/ Cheque/ Postal Order. If you choose PayPal you will be sent a link to the PayPal page on the site in the email confirming you’ve submitted the form. The instructions for paying by Cash/ Cheque/ Postal Order will appear on the form or can also be found on the Entry Guidelines Smedias page. All payments should be completed by the closing date for applications, 5pm March 2nd 2017.

The contribution fees are structured thusly:
€15 (For the first category submission)
€10- (Per additional category after the first submission)
For Example: One Category- €15,
Two Categories- €25,
Three Categories- €35, etc.

Queries: We are hoping that by having an online application process we will streamline the experience of entering the Smedias for everyone. We however realise that implementing this change in procedure during the Smedias application window may be confusing for people who’ve entered the awards before and are seeking clarification on how it will work, so if you have any questions regarding entering or payment please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

As we said, we are hoping this will streamline the process for everyone and do not want it to act as a barrier to anyone who’s considering entering the awards, so feel free to get in touch with any queries and problems you’re having and we’ll endeavour to help you out.

*Here’s a full list of the categories which can be entered through the online application process:


Radio Production Of The Year- Arts & Features
Radio Production Of The Year- News & Current Affairs
Radio Documentary Of The Year
Iriseoireacht Trí Gheailge (Raidió)
Radio DJ(s) Of The Year
Radio Journalist Of The Year

Film &T.V.:
The RTE2 New Voices Award
TV Production Of The Year
Short Film Of The Year
Léiriúcháin Teilifíse I Ngaeilge- Faisnéis Agus Drámaíocht
Film Script Of The Year
Short Animation Of The Year

Blog/Vlog Of The Year
Website Of The Year

News Photographer Of The Year
Sports Photographer Of The Year
Photographer Of The Year