Awarded to the photographer best capturing news events and current affairs on camera, produced since 15th March 2018. The work should either have been published in the student press OR be the work of a full-time student, in which case the work can be unpublished, but of publishable quality. This should not be confused with photographer of the year.

You must submit three unique photographs for consideration.

This year, entries for all photography categories must be accompanied with an application form.

Entrants must download this, fill in the relevant details and email it to ‘’ along with the three photographs that are being submitted for consideration. All photographs must be submitted in JPEG format.  

Any files that are not submitted in this format will not be considered.

You must clearly state in the subject line of the email which photography category you are entering.

All photographs must be labelled clearly with category name plus photograph number and the entrants name.

For our full list of Entry Guidelines see here.

All applications for this category are now closed.