What is N26?

It’s a bank account easily accessed from your phone. You can do anything you would with a traditional bank, minus the tricky stuff. You get an IBAN and get cash from any ATM. That’s right, doesn’t matter what bank ATM it is, you won’t have to worry about being charged.  The N26 Mastercard allows you to withdraw in Euros from any ATM up to five times per month – for free! This makes it great for that interailing trip you’ve alwas wanted to go on.

On Your Phone

Banking on your phone is made easy-peasy with N26. It’s easily accessible at your finger-tips, just download the N26 App from onto your phone.  You can easily block and unblock your card and make any other security changes you’d like. You will receive push notifications after all account activity, including payments. This makes it a lot easier to keep on top of your finances.

N26 Will Pay For Your ISIC

The ISIC Card offers a wide range of discounts and special offers. Discounts include flights, ferries, museums, bookshops and restaurants. What is great is that discounts vary country to country, which means it’s great if you want to go on a J1 for next Summer!

It’s not a absolute pain either to sign-up unlike other banks (throwing serious shade here). Students can open their account in 8 minutes with an easy, paperless signup process with €20 starting balance using their ISIC code! This means you get back the money you spent getting an ISIC plus €5!

It’s very simple: get your ISIC card, your unique N26 ISIC code will then be sent to you, sign-up to N26 with this code and GET €20 FOR FREE.

You can sign-up for your ISIC Card here.

Your Bank Account in 8 Minutes

It’s an easy and paperless sign-up, in just 8 minutes. Sign up here