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 Linking to Lower Lands EP Review

Lower Lands are a British alternative rock band with some punk influences in their sound. The band formed in late 2010 in the little town of Lincoln. In the short time they've been a band they've achieved a lot and have shared the stage with such bands as Iron Chic, Crazy Arm, Talons, Shapes and Deaf Havana. They released their new E.P. Growing Pains on April 14th. Review by Vincent Harte.



Electric Picnic stun public by adding yet more bands to its line-up! Click the words for all the important info!

 Linking to Jape at Whelan's Review

Jape celebrated his recent Meteor Music Choice Award by bringing his eclectic blend of rock and electronica to Whelan's last weekend. Red O' Hand reviews. 

 Linking to Hassle Merchants EP Launch Review

Hassle Merchants hassled the crowd at The Grand Social with their high-energy punk rock ranting. Tanya Branagan was there, glistening with beads of other people's sweat.

 Linking to Van Morrison O2 Review

Van Morrison brought his unique blend of soulful melodies and indecipherable lyrics to the O2 Arena in Dublin, last February 4th. Paul Ruttledge basked in the blues. 

 Linking to Tongue Bundle Review

Local hairy Scottish bank robbers Tongue Bundle released their EP Salty Language last week in Twisted Pepper. Did they prepare some tasty licks? Tanya Branagan sampled the flavours.


 Linking to The Original Rudeboys - Travelling Man Review

The Original Rudeboys release their single Travelling Man. Is it any good? More importantly, is it as good as Burn Burn by LostprophetsDanny O'Leary finds out. 

 Linking to The Ocean's Eyes - Room of Red

The Ocean's Eyes have just released their debut music video for the song Room of Red. Look at it here!


 Linking to Alabama 3 Acoustic Gig Review

Alabama 3 played an acoustic set on the 12th of December in the Spiegel Saloon in the 7Up Winter Wonderland. Tanya Branagan was there.

 Linking to Twilight: Breaking Dawn OST Review

Twilight: Breaking Dawn - the Soundtrack. Better than the film? Probably, cos you don't have to see it. Elaine McDonald reviews.


 Linking to The Darkness Review

The Darkness are back, in candy-striped catsuits. Check out this review by Matt!                                                                                                  



 Linking to The Magic Band Review

Captain Beefheart's old mateys The Magic Band played the Button Factory on Friday the 2nd of December. Red O'Hand reviews.


 Linking to Chris Cornell - Songbook Review

Chris Cornell makes up for his godawful collaboration with Timbaland with his acoustic album Songbook. Mark Henry Murphy reviews.



 Linking to The Necks at Whelan's Review

Post-avande-garde-instrumental-experimental-minimalist-jazz-fusion band The Necks played Whelan's on November 20th. Did they live up to their name? Red O'Hand reviews.


 Linking to The Coronas - Closer to You Review

The Coronas released Closer to You on the 11th of November. They say they're Addicted to Progress, but have they gotten any better? Check out the review by Orlagh Murphy!



 Linking to Game plays the Olympia - Review

Game, previously called The Game, even more previously called Ludo, played the Olympia Theatre on Sunday November 20th. Was it any fun? Seamus Dunne had a go. 

 Linking to Duke Special at the Sugar Club

Tim Minchin lookalike Duke Special played the Olympia on the 15th of November. Check out our review!


 Linking to William Shatner - Seeking Major Tom

How do you do a spoken word version of Bohemian Rhapsody? He found a way. William Shatner's new space-themed album is out now. Come to think of it, why is Bohemian Rhapsody on there? Elaine McDonald reviews.



 Linking to The Necks play Whelan's

The best non-avante garde, non-minimalist, cult band to come out of Australia, The Necks play Whelan's on November 20th. 



 Linking to New Irish-made Queen video!

Rock gods Queen choose Irish entry in international competition to produce their first official music video since 1999. Check it out here!




 Linking to Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto Review

Coldplay have released a new album. Does anyone want to listen to it? Read this review by Elaine McDonald first. 


 Linking to Communion is back on October 28th!

Communion is back with more great bands. Check it out next time!                                                                    


 Linking to Visionary by We Have Band - Review

We Have Band have new single. It called Visionary. It good? Christine Brookes review.                                                    



 Linking to Stars in their Eyes by The Original Rudeboys review

The Original Rudeboys' single Stars in Their Eyes is out on October 14th. Check it out here also.                                                                                                                                                                              



 Linking to Noise Machine at Dimestore in Sweeney's Review

Noise Machine are one of the best and strangest unsigned bands in Dublin at the moment. Tanya Branagan checked them out in Sweeney's on Arthur's Day.





 Linking to Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra review

Limp Bizkit emerge once more from the abyss of musical nostalgia with new offering Gold Cobra. Read our review here...

 Linking to Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues review

Fleet Foxes release new album Helplessness Blues, Oxygen's John Ryan takes a closer look at the album to ensure that not all is helpless.


 Linking to Robyn Shiels - The Great Depression review

As Robyn G. Shiels releases his EP The Great Depression, Oxygen's John Ryan takes a look at the record, in the hopes that his feelings don't mimic the title. Read our review here...

 Linking to Jason Isbell - Here We Rest review

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit released their new album, Here We Rest, last week. And now, in tribute to the great gods Digitiser and Amiga Power, here's our review. IN THE STYLE OF Mr Biffo. (Read more...)

 Linking to Rise Against - Endgame review

Punk favourites, Rise Against release new album, Endgame, this month. Oxygen's John Ryan interrogates the record to see whether or not it's worth your time. Read our review of the album here...

 Linking to Robyn G Shiels preview

March 27th saw the release of the highly anticipated EP The Great Depression by Robyn G Shiels. Read our preview of the CD here...

 Linking to Belsonic 2011 preview

One of Northern Ireland's biggest music events, Belsonic, is set to return this August. Read our preview of the event here...


Gentry Morris releases new album Awake 'O' Sleeper on April 9th, so should we be swapping Easter eggs for albums, or will the album leave us needing a nap? Read our review to find out...

 Linking to Drive-By Truckers - Go Go Boots review

The Drive-By Truckers! They're bestest, and they have a new album out called Go Go Boots. It's better than any of the other albums reviewed on this page, so you don't need to bother checking those. Just check this one, then nod sagely as you purchase it on iTunes. (Read more...)

 Linking to The Hold Steady - live review

If the Hold Steady played be-bop, I'd make some kind of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joke here, but they don't, so perhaps fortuitously, I won't. Instead, I'll link you to this cunningly timed review of their show in the Academy, and be(bop) on my way. (Read more...)

 Linking to Jose Gonzalez interview

Swedish artist Jose Gonzalez returns to his roots with his band Junip to release a new album and embark on a tour. To celebrate, Oxygen sat down with Gonzalez to talk about everything from his roots to The God Delusion. Read the interview here...

 Linking to Destroyer - Kaputt review

Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Bejar releases Destroyer's new record Kaputt. Is he a destroyer of eardrums or does he make rivals go kaputt? Read our review here to find out...

 Linking to Pearl Jam - Live on Ten Legs review

"Pearl Jam!" "They're still around?" "Yep." "Are they any good anymore?" "Why don't you listen for yourself?" "Because I'm just a lazily constructed link to your review of their new live album." "Live on Ten Legs?" "That's the one." (Read more...)

 Linking to Carosel - Star review

Star is the new EP from Carosel. Does the record make our heads spin in a good way, or in an "I need to sit down" way? Read our review here to find out...

 Linking to Una Keane - Trees review

Trees is the debut album from piano-wielding Dubliner Una Keane. Does the album take us away to a magical forest, or abandon us on a mountaintop? Read our review here to find out...

 Linking to Ayoe Angelica - Dandelion review

Ayoe Angelica releases new album, Dandelion, is it an angeli soundtrack for the season, or do we want to send her back to the fiery pits of Hell? Read our review to find out....

 Linking to Hipster Youth - Teenage Elders review

Dublin-based Hipster Youth serves up a mixed bag of electronica with Teenager Elders. Read our review of the album here...

 Linking to REM - Live From Austin TX DVD review

Just in time for Christmas, REM have released new live DVD REM - Live From Austin Tx. Is it the perfect stocking filler for anyone eagerly awaiting their new album?! Read our review to find out...

 Linking to Pearse Mcgloughlin - Twine review

Twine is the new EP from singer/songwriter Pearse McGloughlin. Does the record wind its way around our heart-strings, or would we like to wrap it up and re-gift it? Read our review of the EP here to find out...


 Linking to School Tour - Yes Way review

Yes Way is the new EP from electronica magician School Tour. The EP is available now for free digital download. Free is always a bargain but Read our review of the EP here... to see if it's worth the hefty pricetag of a click.

 Linking to Illness - For All you ABC-1ís Out There review

Brighton duo Illness are set to release their new EP For All you ABC-1’s Out There, is the record worth a listen or does it leave us feeling decidedly queasy? Read our review to find out...

 Linking to ASIWYFA - Straight Through The Sun Without a Scratch review

And So I Watch You From Afar bridge the divide between hardcore and alternative. Can new single Straight Through The Sun Without A Scratch live up to its verbose title? Read our review to find out...


 Linking to Planet Parade - Zulu Sound review

Planet Parade release new EP Zulu Sound. Is it any good or should we send them off in a spaceship immediately? Read our review to find out...

 Linking to We Should Be Dead - Breathe In review

Limerick band We Should Be Dead release new single Breathe In ahead of new album Dreamstate. Is the single worth saving them from death's door? Read our review to find out...

 Linking to Terence Rowlands - Beta review

Limerick singer-songwriter Terence Rowlands has released his home-made debut album Beta in September. Is home-made the way to go? Read our review to find out...

 Linking to An Evening With Greg Dulli live review

Greg Dulli, of Afghan Whigs/Twilight Singers/Gutter Twins fame, and Backbeat Band non-fame, spent the evening of Wednesday, 27th October, playing an acoustic gig in Whelan's. After wondering if I were going, the lure proved too much. and I headed uptown again to attend. Was it worth that trio of painful puns? Find out in our review.

 Linking to Fighting With Wire Tour Details

Northern Ireland giants Fighting With Wire are set to release their new album next year, but first they will embark on a UK and Ireland tour which will offer fans an exclusive EP preview of the new record. Get the full details here...

 Linking to Zero 7 - Record review

If you're on the lookout for some new sounds but don't know where to start, Zero 7's compilation of hits Record may be just what you need. Read our review of the album here...

 Linking to Jamie Lawson - The Real Thing review

Ahead of the release of debut album The Pull of The Moon, Jamie Lawson releases taster EP The Real Thing this month. Does it whet our appetites, or leave us with a bad taste in our mouths? Read our review here to find out...

 Linking to Skibunny - Hugs review

Belfast electro-rockers Skibunny's new album Hugs is available now, but it is more of a slap in the face than a hug? Read our review here to find out...

 Linking to Chief - Modern Rituals review

Chief release their debut album Modern Rituals this month, is it a modern marvel or a ritualistic sacrifice? Read our review here to find out...


 Linking to Bill Coleman - You Cant Buy Back Your Life review

Bill Coleman releases new album You Can't Buy Back Your Life later this month, but should you bother buying the record? Read our review of the album to find out...


 Linking to The Ralphs - 21st Century Window review

Tuam lads The Ralphs released their EP 21st Century Window last month, but is it worth listening to or will we put them on the next train home? Read our review here to find out...

 Linking to Rook and The Ravens - Alpha review

New-ish Manchester group Rook and The Ravens released their new single Alpha in Crawdaddy on October 2nd, but are they more rook than raven? And what's the difference anyway? Read our review of Alpha here...

 Linking to Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown review

Kings of Leon release their fifth album, Come Around Sundown, on the 15th of October. Is it enough to set your sex on fire, or could they use somebody to help them write something worthwhile? (And no, even I don't know if setting your sex on fire is a good thing. Just ignore it and move on.) Read our review to find out if the Kings' crown is slipping...

 Linking to Carthage - The Lost and Found review

Carthage releases his debut solo album The Lost and Found this month. Has he found his perfect sound or do we wish he'd get lost? Read our review here to find out...

 Linking to New Amusement - My Captain review

New Amusement release their debut album My Captain on October 8th, but are they bringing anything new to the table, or are they just downright amusing? Read our review to find out...

 Linking to Electric Penguins - II review

Electric Penguins are neither cyborgs nor penguins, but they make up for this lack with great music. Read our review of new album II here...

 Linking to Scouting For Girls - Everybody Wants to be on TV review

Scouting for Girls' new album is called Everybody Wants to be on TV, but do we want to see them on TV? Read our review here to find out...

 Linking to Grada - Natural Angle review

Grada are made up of traditional musicians from Ireland and New Zealand. Their latest album is entitled Natural Angle, but is the record more Leprochaun than Lord of The Rings? Read our review to find out...


 Linking to Ham Sandwich - White Fox review

Local heroes and live band extraordinaire, Ham Sandwich unleash their second album, White Fox, upon a possibly unsuspecting public. Here are some music/fox puns: UltraFox (Ultra-Vox); Fox-Pop (Vox Populi); DJ Fox (Neil Fox); Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix); Pelt-on John (Elton John). And now, here's your review.


 Linking to Corin Tucker - 1000 Years review

Corin Tucker, thunder-voiced alumnus of punk-rock heroes Sleater-Kinney, makes her solo debut with 1,000 Years. But is it any rock n' roll fun? Read our review to find out.

 Linking to Santana - Guitar Heaven review

Santana returns with an array of guest vocalists (yes, including Rob Thomas) to give what for to a selection of rock staples. So does Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time weave some black magic, or is it as unwiedly as its title? Read our review to find out.


 Linking to The Divine Comedy - Bang Goes The Knighthood review

The Divine Comedy are back with their latest album Bang Goes The Knighthood. Is it as good as their previous releases, or will it be a case of bang goes the career? Read our review here to find out...

 Linking to Deborah Crooks -Itís All Up To You review

Deborah Crooks could be the new Alanis Morrisette. Then again she could be the new Mary Smith. Who? Exactly. Read our review of her new album 'It's all up to you' to find out which way she's headed...

 Linking to Sean Kangataran review

Sean Kangataran's debut is self-titled, will people know the name in years to come or not? Read our review to find out...


 Linking to Lissie - Catching a Tiger review

Catching a Tiger is the debut album from Lissie. Does she catch a tiger or something much more contagious? Read our review to find out...


 Linking to Herbie Hancock - The Imagine Project review

Herbie Hancock travels the world collecting musical minions to do his bidding for The Imagine Project. Click here to see if it's worth his effort.

 Linking to Kate Walsh - Peppermint Radio review

Peppermint Radio is an album of covers, and it's not by Westlife, it's by Kate Walsh. Does that make it worth a listen? Read our review to find out...

 Linking to Stone Temple Pilots review

Like the phoenix, Stone Temple Pilots have risen from the ashes, but is their self-titled comeback album a burning fire or a damp squib? Read our review to find out...


 Linking to Band of Horses - Infinite Arms review

Band of Horses are a band, but not of horses. Of people in fact. People who are very good at making music. Their latest album Infinite Arms is out now and you can read our review here...

 Linking to Hijackers

Oxygen.ie are big fans of Hijackers, who are DJ's Richie Burke & Sean Hayden from Boyle and Carrick On Shannon and are resident Dj's in Cartown Nite Club. Click here to read more about their debut single 'Lose your mind'

 Linking to Josh Ritter - So Runs the World Away Review

Josh Ritter's latest album So Runs the World Away is out now. The American has built up a huge fan base in Ireland but is it any good? Read the review...

 Linking to Iron Man 2 - ACDC soundtrack review

It's the closest thing to an ACDC greatest hits album you're going to get. But is the Iron Man 2 soundtrack any good? Read our review and find out...

 Linking to http://www.oxygen.ie/review.PAGE3327.html

Flight Of The Conchords hit The Olympia on May 5th and 6th for what were two long awaited gigs, with support from David O' Doherty, surely we were all in for one hell of a night. Read the review here...

 Linking to The Futureheads - The Chaos review

English post-punk outfit The Futureheads are back with their fourth album, a record that has already been described as "a blast of pop-punk energy" apparently. Be that as it may, we decided to find out for ourselves whether The Chaos was as eclectic as its title implied...

 Linking to Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can review

It must be 'precocious female songwriting talent' week here on Oxygen, as we review another songstress barely old enough to vote - a mere matter of hours after the last one. Laura Marling's even younger, a mere 18 years old when she released her debut, Alas, I Cannot Swim in 2008. Now she has returned with I Speak Because I Can, so we cast an objective ear over her maturing sound...

 Linking to Kate Nash - My Best Friend Is You review

3 years on, youthful English singer-songwriter Kate Nash has returned with her follow-up to Made of Bricks, one of the best pop albums of 2007. So does My Best Friend Is You hit the same heights, or is her charm starting to wear a little thin? Cop a butcher's at our review here...

 Linking to MGMT - Congratulations review

Ben Goldwasser and Andrew Van Wyngarden, better known as MGMT, struck gold with their debut album Oracular Spectacular a couple of years ago, selling over a million copies worldwide while collecting all sorts of awards and accolades along the way. Now the duo have returned with Congratulations - but is their sophomore effort similarly deserving of acclaim? Read our review to find out...

 Linking to http://www.oxygen.ie/gigs_music.PAGE3256.html

Welsh new wave pop act Marina And The Diamonds reached number two in BBC Sound of 2010 poll list, surely this one is yer wan to watch. Check out the review for her debut album The Family Jewels here.


 Linking to Frightened Rabbit - The Winter of Mixed Drinks review

Scottish indie-rockers Frightened Rabbit are back with their third studio album, but it’ll have to be a cracker to live up to their critically-acclaimed sophomore effort. So did The Winter of Mixed Drinks hit the heights required? Find out here...

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