Travelling is lots of fun but it can also be stressful. There’s so much you need to sort out before you go away. N26 is going to make your life easier this summer. N26 are a mobile bank with the most simple sign up and the lowest rates when travelling. Banking when travelling can be a pain to say the least, we know that both the savings and features of N26 won’t disappoint. With N26 you can enable or disable foreign transactions directly so no need to worry about those annoying phone calls from your bank. Perfect for those last minute holidays.

Not only that but once you’re abroad N26 like to go even further to make your holiday the best it can be. We’ve all been struck with those foreign payment charges and it’s seriously not much fun. You thought you were getting great value for that bit of holiday shopping but then those foreign payment charges come rolling in and it can get really expensive.

At N26 they don’t charge for foreign payments, so they not only make your life easier but they also save you money. Sign up to N26 and you can rest easy knowing you’re only paying for what the price tag says.

We might just be too hyped after seeing the new Avengers but we also kind off consider N26 to be superheroes. If disaster strikes and you loose your card, don’t worry because Captain America N26 has your back.

Lose your card abroad? You can not only lock your card instantly from the app but you can also unlock it once you find it to avoid that long wait for a new card. So don’t worry if you’re half way up Eiffel Tower or you’re grabbing that squad pic in front of Brandenburg gate and realise your card is gone. As long as your with N26 you’re all good.

If you thought it didn’t get any better than that than you’re wrong. N26 sign up is straight forward and simple, set up takes just 8 minutes. To get your holiday started they’re also giving you €20 on your card instantly when you sign up with our promotional code: **I̳S̳I̳C̳I̳E̳2̳6̳**. 8 minutes, 20 quid, saving money all summer and features that will give you control over your finances from one simple app … what’s not to love!