Whether it’s Body Soul, Electric Picnic or Longitude there’s something for all you music lovers out there. If you are heading to one here’s a few tips to keep you alive.

Remember what country you’re in.

We all know that Ireland can be unpredictable weather wise. The whole four seasons in one day and all that. One minute you could be sitting in the sun enjoying a nice cold can, next you’re fending off polar bears and building an igloo to stay alive. I’m stating the obvious by saying pack well. Bring rain proof and warm cloths and don’t forget the pair of boots so you don’t ruin your brand new pair of vans.

Bring a good Tent

If you buy a tiny, skimpy tent from a discount store and it falls apart don’t come crying to us. The last thing you need is to be stumbling back drunk to find your tent in a heap on the floor. A decent tent doesn’t always cost the earth either so don’t bother taking out that loan.

Take Plenty of Cash

We probably all know the feeling of underestimating how much cash we need for a night out and having to borrow some money from a mate, thus being indebted to them for the rest of your life. Or the pure devastation that you feel when your you’re 20 cent short of a pint. So to save you a lot of heartbreak take plenty of cash.

There’s probably something even worse than not having enough cash and that’s loosing your card…..We might just be able to help you out there. With N26 you can lock your card if it gets lost/stolen, reset your pin and if your heading to a festival abroad you can enable or disable foreign payments.

The last and most important rule is ……….

Have the Best of Craic

Dance like you’ve never danced before, enjoy your watered down drinks and make loads of new drunk friends because they really are the best type of friend.