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Another Recast for 50 Shades Movie

Guess who...

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Somebody died again in Game of Thrones

But we're not one to give away spoilers, so here are Natalie Dormer's boobs instead of a picture of Martin's latest victim...

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RTE Player to show 'The Wire' in a bid to 'catch up with the times'

The broadcaster is now only twelve years behind all other television stations...

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Film Review: Calvary

That new Brendan Gleeson film everyone's going on about...

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Student waits patiently for Tinder response but remains hopeful

Friends fear she accidentally swiped right instead of left...

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10 Reasons why your Period is Fantastic

There's nothing quite like the relationship between a woman and her menstrual blood...

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The 5 weirdest ass x-rays ever.

Good luck explaining these to your GP.


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Should you go out tonight?

The definitive flowchart.

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How to make extra cash in College

Without getting one of those 'job' things...

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Epic Tattoo Fails

These people forgot to double check Google Translate before heading to the tattoo studio...

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The essential guide on how to be popular in college

How to make it in the big pond...


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O2 Do Not Interfere with Office Politics

Another angry customer enquiry...

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Tesco Talks to a Lonely Customer 

Every little helps...

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Concerned Grammar Enthusiast Suffers Backlash from Fellow Poopers

Some vicious wall scribbles from D.I.T...

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A Week In College

Make it to half your modules orrr, not. That is the question.

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4 Ways to get more Facbook Friends

Inflate the ego with a large number of friends at your disposal 

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Top 10 Blaxploitation Movies


A Genre That Spawned Infamous Careers

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See what is in your future? Will it be the shift or a Larry Gogan Golden Shower

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Sinead O'Connor's 5 Most Twerkable Songs

The Definitive Guide

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UCD Toilet Reviews

Where and where not to shit while on campus

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5 Great Public Places in Dublin to Ride-the-Hole Off Each Other

Number 1 is Coppers related 

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10 Things You will Miss About College

Drink and sleep pretty much

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Student Cinema Discounts

What's the best way to watch a movie? Well in the theatre with lots of buttery popcorn of course. The only rub can be the price. Here are some options for the cinema loving college student.

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Hitman: Absolution Plays on Dark Humour

This game is not for the faint of heart. Find out if you can stomach the mix of game play and morbid jokes.

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