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Brendan O'Connor will do The Saturday Night Show in blackface this week to raise awareness of racism in Ireland

The man who has his finger on the pulse of Ireland’s social woes, Brendan O’Connor, is expect to break new ground on The Saturday Night Show this week as it has been announced he will  host the show in ‘blackface’.  The controversial decision by the beloved presenter of the Saturday Night Show is another phase in his long running battle of making Ireland a better place through awkward interviews and burning up valuable air time on a Saturday evening for the state broadcaster.

The announcement that this week’s Saturday Night Show will be done through ‘blackface’ comes after the host did a much needed expose on the definition of the word “homophobia” during the previous airing of his programme. Throughout last Saturday’s episode, O’Connor broke new ground by comparing the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of the word with the Collins Dictionary’s definition of the word. This nuanced reporting was aided by the insightful commentary by the two-thirds of the band, Pussy Riot.

O’Connor spoke to Oxygen.ie about the latest revelation, “Well it has always been a dream of mine to really let go and get down with my ghetto roots. I feel that after the homophobia thing we did last week that race would be a natural progression. Who would have thought that I’d be the voice for the rights of minorities? Not bad for a guy that has a head like a bag of rusty spanners.”

This week’s episode will feature Snoop Dogg and will focus on the black part of Michael Jackson’s life. It was clear that the last ten years would be neglected from the remembrance as he was ‘pretty much white by then’.  Musical guests will be tribute band, None Direction. 

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