Boulder Media was first established in 2000 and has gone on to become one of Ireland’s largest animation studios working with leading broadcasters across the globe.

They have been nominated for some of the most prestigious awards across the world including several BAFTAS and EMMYS and we are delighted to have had them involved in The Smedias for the last two years.

Boulder Media have produced many outstanding animations from the Danger Mouse reboot, The Amazing World of Gumball to the BAFTA nominated Go Jetters and many more. Boulder Media is the perfect place to kick-start your career in animation.

Boulder Media continue to support up and coming young animators in Ireland by sponsoring the Animation of the Year. This award is the perfect platform to get your work seen by some of the most influential people in the industry and gain recognition for your animation achievements at third level.

For more details of the Animation of the Year award see here.