Ottawa Tulip Festival

If you go in May, be sure to check out the Ottawa Tulip Festival. Extremely beautiful and free of charge, see the national capital flush with colourful tulips sent over from the Netherlands every year as a show of gratitude for sheltering the Dutch Royal Family during World War 2.

Tour Parliament Hill

Are you a fan of politics and/or non-boring history lessons? There are free group tours of Parliament Hill offered every thirty minutes. Who knows? You might even spot Justin Trudeau himself, in all his flowy haired glory.

Yoga on the hill

Looking for a way to stay active while on vacation? Why not take part in free yoga on Parliament Hill, hosted by Lululemon? Every Wednesday at 12pm from May until August, join hundreds of other yoga enthusiasts from all skill levels as they tree pose and downward dog their way into ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation!

Painting on the hill

Yoga not really your thing? Don’t worry, me neither. The city of Ottawa also partners with Paint Therapy Ottawa to offer another free event on Parliament Hill, this one unleashing your artistic side. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just someone who likes to have fun with their artwork, this free event raises awareness about mental health while providing hundreds of people with free brushes, paint, canvases, pallets and water.

Morrison’s Quarry

Ottawa in the summertime is H O T. I’m talking 30 degrees and up hot. And while we aren’t lucky enough to have beautiful beaches, we do have other great ways to keep cool for a low price. While this one isn’t completely free, it’s only $10 CAD a person, which equals roughly 7£. A little 30 minute drive from downtown Ottawa will bring you to a hidden swimming hole with clear blue water. Be sure to pack a lunch and plenty of sunscreen to take advantage of this hidden paradise!

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