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Bale reveals hatred for microphones

Bale reveals troubled past with microphones

David Fallon – Reporting from L.A

In what has been a turbulent week for Christian Bale the actor has moved to apologose for and qualify his outburst at a sound engineer on the set of the fourth installment of the Terminator series, T4.

At a press conference at Universal studios in North Hollywood, 35 year old Bale met with members of the press and offered his apologies for his outburst and attempted to quash the rumors that he is in fact a dangerous psychopath.

“It was totally inexcusable. There is absolutely no place for that type of abuse and I am eternally sorry. My behavior was abhorrent.” A clearly repentant Bale then went on to amazingly qualify his outburst by divulging clearly painful childhood memories. Bale admitted that his childhood had been ‘irreparably damaged’ by a boom mic operator and that he still bore the wounds, hinting that his verbal assault had been a hangover of deeply repressed personal issues.

“I was 11. I had been sent home from school for breaking a kids arm who opened his pencil case during my 11 times tables” Bale told a rapt audience. “ I got in the door and there was my mother straddling the soundman from the T.V show she worked on. It’s funny, all I remember thinking was ‘That’s not what you do with the mic!’”

At this point Bale broke down under the apparent emotion of the memory and moved to leave the press conference. As he sat up however a microphone placed in front of him by the Euronews channel fell and dropped to the floor. Bale then proceeded to hurl abuse at the mic for what he called its ‘amateurism’. “I’ll kick your fucking ass!” Bale screamed. “Do you have any idea how distracting it is to have you falling when I’m trying to cry and look sad! You fucking amateur!” By the time security had arrived to extricate Bale from the press conference the actor was visibly foaming at the mouth and grinning manically prompting one journalist to remark to a friend “He looks exactly like his character in American Psycho!” Bale happened to overhear this and replied soberly “Dude, that wasn’t a movie”.



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