News has emerged from the heart of Dalkey that the ever-aspirational Moorehouse family have taken the drastic decision to now solely do their weekly shop in Dunnes Stores.

It is understood that the family had for many years done their main shop in Tesco, their impressive accumulation of Clubcard points attesting this fact. Recently however family friends have noticed Dunnes Stores receipts conspicuously placed on surfaces around their house.

Over the last few months they’ve been going on about how they’ve been getting some odd bits and pieces from Dunnes Stores,” said Jane Brown, a family friend.

For some reason they keep insisting that you can ‘taste the quality’ in the fruit or whatever and that it’s ‘worth spending that little bit more’. But since they’ve been going there exclusively they’ve become absolutely unbearable.”

The family have said they’ve taken the decision after the Moorehouse patriarch, Sebastian, received a promotion at work, freeing up enough family capital for them to make the jump.

Oh we couldn’t go back,” said Mrs. Moorehouse, “It’s worth spending that little bit extra on the finer things, to get bread that REALLY tastes like bread. All of that stuff we used to eat just seems so unpalatable now.”

It is understood the Moorehouse family themselves are now also largely unpalatable to their old social circles as a result of their burgeoning pretensions.