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7 Days to Die pulled from Steam over copyright dispute
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Too legit to quit.
You're not going to believe this guys, but it turns out that a recently released zombie survival game on Steam called 7 Days to Die totally ripped off another zombie game called The Killing Floor. I know, it's fucked.

If we've learned anything from Dead Rising, The Walking Dead, Dead Block, The Evil Dead, Dead Frontier, House of the Dead, Dead Island, Isle of the Dead, Dead Linger, Land of the Dead, Dead Nation, Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, Rock of the Dead, Touch the Dead, Typing of the Dead, Undead Knights, Urban Dead and Dead Souls, it's that the zombie survival horror sub-genre relies heavily on constant innovation and endless imagination when it comes to things like setting, tone, aeshetics, character models and gameplay.

Never before has a zombie survival horror game so flippantly disregarded the creative legacy of it's sub-genre by brashly co-opting elements of another zombie survival horror game into it's art direction. I mean it's just fucking unheard of.

It's a dark day for the zombie survival horror sub-genre. Could this mean we've reached the end of invention? Will every zombie survival horror game from here on out look like nothing more than a copy/paste pastiche of the one that came before it? Man I hope not.

But what is hope anymore? I'm not even the first guy to hope for something. At this point I'm just another to add to the long list of people to rip off Morgan Freeman's character in The Shawshank Redemption. And he had a point. Hope is a dangerous thing.

Hope can drive a man to believe that there is a future for video games as a legitimate art form. That there are creative people out there with the vision and determination to elevate their game and gaming as a culture instead of endlessly diluting every franchise and sub-genre with an innumerable series of braindead knock-offs. And maintaining that kind of optimism in the world the way it is now is bound to leave a person weary.

I hope gaming can find a way out of this quagmire. That it won't be overrun by the horde of simple-minded developers out there just cashing in on the latest fad. But like I (and Morgan Freeman) said: hope is a dangerous thing.

Danny O'Leary  


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