1. Don’t plan too far ahead in advance

This might seem like an odd tip but things change ALOT. Travellings a lot about trowing yourself into things and living in the moment so don’t get too bogged down with plans. If you suddenly get the opportunity to go on a bike tour around the chocolate hills, take it? Scuba diving with dolphins?Absolutely. Boat trip along the Chao Phraya river? Count me in!

2. Be careful with your money

This sounds like a pretty obvious one but it’s also important if you want to do things like eat food or sleep in a bed. Asia’s generally pretty cheap so there’s no need to spend enormous amounts. It’s also home to some of the most amazing feats of nature known to man, much which doesn’t cost a penny.

3. Learn a bit of the language

This goes for pretty much every country in the world. Everyone really appreciates when you at least attempt a bit of the native language, even if it’s just please and thank you. Asia is also full of great people with countries such as Laos being renowned for being so welcoming and nice. In that regard, learning a bit of the language is great way of meeting and interacting with interesting people.

4. Don’t pack too much

Travelling place to place,you really don’t want to be weighed down by excess package. There’s no need to bring that really expensive dress you bought for you cousins wedding. Think essential and comfortable. Ignore your mam when she tells you to bring your wooly jacket because ‘you never know what the weather will be like’. Saying that, it might make sense to bring some waterproofs, especially if you’re going around rainy season.

5. Take your time

It’s not really much of a holiday if you’re constantly running from place to place. Give yourself a chance to settle down and immerse yourself in the culture. Don’t get too obsessed by seeing absolutely everything. Remember, there’s always next year or the year after.

6. Take Money in different forms

If disaster strikes and you lose your wallet/purse you need to have a backup that’s not begging on the side of the street or asking strangers if you can sleep in their house. Take plenty of cash and a card too. Why not make your life easier and holiday better by signing up to N26, our favourite mobile bank? With N26 you can block/unblock your card at any time through the app. Do those foreign transaction charges keep totting up? Well no need to worry because N26 don’t charge for foreign transactions. If you’re in a jam, you’ll seriously feel grateful that you signed up to N26. You see, not all heroes wear capes!!

7. Get Vaccinated

Again, this is obvious unless you’re the type of person that believes in Chemtrails. Travelling in Asia should be one of the best experiences of your life. Don’t ruin it by getting sick.

8.Bring a Kindle

You’ll need something to keep you busy during those long train/bus/plane journeys but books are heavy and take up too much room. What better way to spend a long days journey than reading a bit of Harry Potter. There’s also a tonne of books on the kindle for half the price of the hard copy.

9. Bring a lock

You should try to avoid bringing too many valuables but in some cases it’s unavoidable. It might make a sense to bring a good padlock (no more than €10 in a decent hardware store) to keep things like passports and spare cash safe.

And now the last and most important rule…….

10. Relax and enjoy yourself

Holidays should not be a stressful experience so stop worrying about silly things. Of course being on time for flights, managing cash,etc are important but don’t let them take over your holiday. Enjoy your amazing surroundings, meet new people and have the absolute best craic!